Joe D 10a-3p

Joe D

Here, growing up I played sports and always loved music. As I got older, I stopped the sports and focused more on music.

I taught myself to play bass and eventually guitar, which lead me to get a degree in music performance. I've played in locals bands and

even spent a couple of years touring with Joey Belladonna of Anthrax. He asked me to play bass in is solo band, Belladonna. That was one hell of an

experience!  I'm a huge NFL fan. I also love heavy metal and I like to fish when I can find the time.

Pablo 3-8p

 I'm just an Irish kid who wants it all (who doesn't?!) and is willing to work my ass off for it! I love to travel, learn, watch films, get lost on my Harley, discover unique artists who inspire me, and drink lots of WINE (and the occasional rye whiskey!). I can get down with all kinds of music from metal to classical piano, but rock will always have my heart. The perfect ending to any day is when I get to relax with my red dog at my feet and drink in hand, whether it be on a beach or in my own little piece of paradise I call home. Cheers!


WOODY 8p-1a

 What up, fam, I’m Woody! A little about me… I’m from Southern California but I’ve lived all over… in Houston, Tulsa, Minneapolis and I spent a short stint in Florida too. I’m married. I love my wife and basketball (in that order) and I love taking her to games and rock shows. My favorite bands are Deftones, Queens of the Stone Age and Deftones again.


 I grew up in Tampa and New Orleans, as my whole family is from the latter and we spent any time off from school in New Orleans. I'm the middle of three girls, and daughter to parents who've been married for almost 45 years. I became an aunt to my precious nephew in March, and my immediate family is in Florida.

I am extremely passionate about animals and their well-being. I became vegetarian in 2007 and vegan in 2011. I've adopted and fostered (I currently have two rescued cats and another foster), and if I could I'd have every animal.

I love hiking, running, horseback riding, yoga, skiing--anything involving nature and being active. I'm learning guitar and I've begun painting. I absolutely LOVE music--of all kinds--but if I had to choose I'd pick (active) rock. I live for live shows. I love wordplay/puns, craft beer, and I have PLENTY of tattoos and piercings.


Gregg Stone

10a-3p Weekends

I was turned on to Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Grand Funk and the gamut of classic rock bands by my older sister and parents. In 1977 I saw Kiss and my life changed forever!! My friend Ted gave me Van Halen 1 for my birthday in '78 and my life changed again. I was a Judas Priest, Iron Maiden kind of kid and then my friend Bruce turned me on to Metallica in '82 and my life changed again! In the late 80's I found my favorite band of all time, Pantera!!!! Born back east, raised in Texas and have been in radio since '83 working in Lubbock, Denver, San Francisco, Salt Lake, Houston, San Diego and now here. Devil Horns baby!! I have a ton of stories to share and I've been sober since 2005. I'm married to a great and beautiful woman and I am a father to three. I love Hockey, football and snowboarding.