Eddie Barella - 10am to 3pm weekdays

The name they gave me is Eddie Barella, what’s up? My unhealthy obsession with rock and comedy was diagnosed in middle school. At age 15 I used an unreliable dial-up internet connection to create my own internet radio station¬¬—broadcasting to a vast audience of zero (on a good day). One can only talk to themselves for so long before important questions are asked, so fast forward to today, and it’s a dream come true to hang out with you, play rock, and try to find irony in everything this crazy world throws at us.  For requests from Eddie call 1-855-869-7625.



Jenny Q 3-8p M-F and assorted weekends

Hi, it’s Jenny Q - A born & raised Texan, though 23andMe has confirmed that I was indeed built by Irish/Norwegian/Russian Yankees. (This explains the one minute sunburn) As an aspiring minimalist, my current favorite thing to do is donate everything I'm not using and buy as little as possible. Second favorite is finding new and creative ways to avoid exercise. I believe each and every one of us makes a unique contribution that no one else can make, and I look for ways to make mine count as much as possible. With that in mind, I so enjoy sharing humanity’s greatest inventions on these airwaves: music and humor. https://twitter.com/jennyqradio https://www.facebook.com/Jenny-Q-Radio-17545317619304/

Bolognious Francine Marconi 8p-1a

8p-1a ET) WHola Rockternative enjoyer, my name is (Bolognious Francine) Marconi. Soup makes me real sweaty. I will most likely be a radio DJ until I’m a lifeless husk. To be a witness as that story unfolds follow me on socialized medias. http://twitter.com/marconibologna






 Hey, I’m Woody.  I started working in radio in 2011, and I’m still doing it so there must be something to it.  Maybe it’s all the money! Hahahahahaha! No, that’s not it.  Anyways, I don’t have a social media because I’m not exactly what you would call a “social” person.  Besides, there’s nothing I have to say that can’t be followed by, “Here’s Nickelback.”  Thanks for listening, Here's Nickleback.....




Hey, I’m Twitch. I grew up in the strip club capital of the world; Tampa, Florida. My first job was cooking BBQ outside of one of these fine establishments. I got into radio by relentlessly prank calling the evening DJ until he finally had enough, and asked me to produce his show. Now I am married, have two little kids (Whose names escape me at the moment), and pass the time with craft beer and fine bourbon. I also like to cook, box and sleep... when the girls let me.